Writing off Oklahoma as College Football Playoff contender ludicrous.[Week 9 perceptions]

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College Football Playoff contender ludicrous
Writing off Oklahoma as College Football Playoff contender ludicrous

When Oklahoma fell behind by 25 on Saturday at Kansas State, you could for all intents and purposes hear the clickety-clatter of consoles all over America proclaiming the Sooners dead in the College Football Playoff race. 

Be that as it may, have we didn't get the hang of anything in the course of the last half-decade? 

In spite of the fact that Oklahoma's inevitable 48-41 misfortune was without a doubt the most huge consequence of Week 9 and places the Big 12 out of a less great position going into November, it would be crazy at this crossroads to begin killing one-misfortune groups who can even now win their association. 

Keep in mind, since the Playoff started, just a single inside and out gathering champion with one misfortune has missed the season finisher: Ohio State last season. 

While Oklahoma's exhibition was revolting in numerous regards and speaks to a significant relapse for a protection that had played well so far, there's no correlation between this exertion by the Sooners and Ohio State's 49-20 misfortune to Purdue last season that was esteemed inexcusable by the choice board of trustees. 

Indeed, for every one of the issues Oklahoma experienced, they were a replay-toppled onside kick away from giving the ball back to Jalen Hurts with around 1 moment, 40 seconds left with an opportunity to tie the game. That is little reassurance for the Sooners, particularly in light of the fact that the ball caromed off an Oklahoma player possibly a large portion of a yard before it would have been a legitimate onside kick, however the nature of misfortune does make a difference. The reality Oklahoma battled back may wind up as a significant information moment that all things considered.

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